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Can I just say if this series ends where Rhydian goes off into the wild again, I will be seriously annoyed, more annoyed even if Maddy doesn’t come back at all. This is getting ridiculous, it seems every season the same finale is repeated. Series 1 we had Rhydian leave with his mum and brother to go to the wild, series 2 we then had Maddy leave to go to the wild, series 3 cannot end the same way because that’s just stupid and predictable. Have CBBC seriously ran out of creative ideas that they have to repeat the same finale for the third time? Please.

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So Tom discovers that Segolia are basically binding people to chairs and interrogating them and when he tells his friends this, they accuse him of lying and just be plain horrible to him? Why would Tom lie, he never has before and he has no reason to, he was simply looking out for his friends but it gets thrown back in his face because Shannon and Jana want to believe in Segolia, despite all the wrong that they’d rather just ignore and pretend isn’t happening, that they’re even willing to drop a friend.

Not only that but when Tom injects himself with the serum he finds, it’s obviously dangerous and making him out of control, anyone can see that. Yet instead of thinking that Tom isn’t himself and his actions aren’t his own, Rhydian, Jana and Shannon all get angry at him and drop him, yes they called Dacia, but they still made him feel horrible for something he couldn’t help, all the while choosing to believe he did this purposely. Like are they supposed to be his friend, what? Tom might not have been himself for calling the three of them out in the end, but I do think in some cases he was right.

"Why does a lowly servant continue to risk everything for Arthur and for Camelot?"

Prayer circle that tomorrow shows a preview of next week’s episode involving Maddy.